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Alpha-Code Sound Mats, Level 2 : 41 Initial Sounds (Digital Download)

$27.95 CAD
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Alpha-Code Sound Mats, Level 2 : 41 Initial Sounds (Digital Download)

$27.95 CAD
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Delve into the world of multisensory phonics with Eyewords® Alpha-Code Sound Mats. This evidence-based resource serves as a cornerstone for mastering letter-sound correspondences, phoneme pronunciation, honing letter formation and writing skills.

  • Colorful images captivate attention and aid in a deeper understanding of letter sound correspondences (phoneme grapheme connections) in a multisensory and engaging way
  • Each letter or letter combination (grapheme) is thoughtfully paired with specific images designed to directly cue its respective sound (phoneme)
  • Perfect for home and classroom use, these mats seamlessly integrate into various environments, including small group instruction, literacy centers, and independent work
  • Highly beneficial for a wide range of phonics activities and provide a constant point of reference for students
  • Easily incorporated into existing phonics curricula providing robust support for students
  • Accessible through downloadable PDF format, with the simple step of printing single-sided on standard 8.5 x 11 paper
  • Includes a class set of 25
  • Each mat contains 41 image embedded letter/letter combinations

Rooted in research, Eyewords Alpha-Code stands out for its fidelity to phonemic representation, guaranteeing successful learning outcomes with fewer exposures compared to other mnemonic alphabets.

This product is intended for use with Eyewords Alpha-Code Teaching Cards, Eyewords Alpha-Code Sound Wall and Eyewords Alpha-Code Printable Worksheets (sold separately) to ensure a cohesive approach to phonics instruction, promoting consistency and reinforcing key concepts.

Grapheme/Phonemes Included:


Bb Cc* Dd Ff Gg* Hh Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

Short Vowels

Aa Ee Ii Oo Uu


ch, ck, ng, sh, th (unvoiced), th (voiced), wh

Long Vowels

Aa Ee Ii Oo Uu*

*Indicates multi-sound letters and image-embedded letters are provided for each sound. Additional multi-sound letters will be introduced in subsequent Alpha-Code Sets.

Multiple Licenses

Eyewords® digital resources are licensed for single purchaser use under our Terms of Service. If materials are purchased by a school / school district, they must be provided to a single educator. That individual may use the purchased Eyewords® resources with their own students. Sharing the resources between multiple educators is not permitted. School districts may purchase multiple licenses at a discounted rate. For rates or more information about licensing please email info@eyewords.com.

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