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Created by Educators

As educators, we know how important it is to implement valid, relevant, and applicable programming and materials in our teaching practice.

To bridge the gap between auditory short-term memory and decoding, our team worked with children's natural inclination towards multisensory learning.

We focused on the learning of high-frequency words using multisensory-contextual cues (embedded pictures, context cues, and meaningful actions) combined with systematic phonics.

"These are awesome! My Students love the pictures and can visually see each word - thank you!" - Pam Nisbett, Kindergarten Teacher

"Love Eyewords multisensory materials! The visuals are fantastic for helping my English Language Learners conceptualize new vocabulary. Eyewords has been a great supplement to my program." - Barbara DiMarco, E.S.L. Teacher

Teacher pointing at a whiteboard

Teacher for Teachers

Our core belief is that learning to read can be a fun and exciting process for all. Research shows that pictures can increase the relevance of a word and children's motivation to learn it, and they can also provide extra cues that assist learners in determining a word's meaning.

Having visual, auditory, and kinesthetic input when learning to read words help learners form a more robust memory trace, deepening their association between the word and its meaning.

Additionally, kinesthetic movement in the form of play increases student engagement, social connection, and learning retention.

Enriching Classrooms

Eyewords™ helps kids tap into their learning strengths because they make multiple connections and form memories through sight, sound and movement.

As a result, students have fun, enjoy the learning process, and want to learn more. In addition, educators love teaching with Eyewords™ materials as they require little prep, are practical, easy to use, and create opportunities to build social relationships.

Eyewords™ are proven to increase student motivation, confidence, and achievement.

Child writing on a piece of paper
Teacher assisting a child writing

Empowering Results

Eyewords™ will propel your budding reader toward strong reading fluency and comprehension. Backed by a published study conducted on Eyewords™ by Stanford University and supported by the latest research in neuroscience and linguistics, Eyewords™ engaging materials and multisensory-orthographic method are proven effective for all learners.

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