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Meet the Team

Photo of Lois Carper

Lois Carper
Educator | Product Developer

Photo of Olivia Paty

Olivia Paty
Educator | Product Developer

Photo of Pamela Van Bakel

Pamela Van Bakel
Educator | Product Developer

Photo of Mike Halderman

Mike Haldeman
Developer | Digital Arts

Photo of Emma Fairgreive

Emma Fairgreive
Developer | Digital Arts

Catherine Cole
Business Development

Photo of founder Jennifer Orr with dog

Jennifer Orr
Founder | Educator

Who We Are

Eyewords™ was created by a multidisciplinary team of educators in collaboration with children of different ages and abilities, speech and language pathologists, researchers, and graphic designers to address a need to differentiate reading instruction for all learners.

All led by Jennifer Orr.

Jennifer's fundamental belief is that ALL children are capable learners when teaching to their strengths. With the understanding that students learn best when active and engaged, Jennifer made it her life mission to boost foundational literacy skills in a fun and inclusive way.

Jennifer's resume speaks volumes of her dedication to learning. Not only is she a former kindergarten, primary, and special education teacher, but she also holds many certifications through the Geneva Center for Autism in addition to Special Education and Kindergarten Specialists.

Jennifer's services and knowledge have led her to special assignments for many years. Her roles included:

Designing programming for teachers to support students with:

Learning disabilities
Cognitive delays
English language learning
Social / Emotional needs

Presenting Professional Development around support for all populations mentioned above with a lens of equity and inclusion.

Jennifer was the 2023 recipient of the Educaton 2.0 Outstanding Leadership Award.

How We Got Here

Experience is often the best teacher. Through Jennifer's own "ah-ha" moment, she noticed her students and even her young daughters missing the spark of engagement when making connections to reading.

However, once she combined systematic phonics with multisensory learning, she saw a light bulb go on for the students she supported. Not only did she see improvement in skill acquisition, but she also noticed increased excitement and confidence in their abilities.

Photo of teacher and student with Eyeword cards
Photo of children with Eyeword cards

Our Values

At the heart of Eyewords™, we believe that ALL students are capable learners. Every day, we are making a difference by reducing barriers to literacy skills in a fun, engaging and inclusive way. Confidence is built and nurtured through positive learning experiences that lead students to recognize the growth in their own abilities. With a strong foundation in universal design, we understand the importance of evidence-based methods to increase student achievement, not just for some but for all.

Our core values can be summed up in one statement, “believe in the power of your potential.”

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Call Us: 1-800-778-9526
Email Us: info@eyewords.com

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