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Alpha-Code Sound Wall, Set 1: Initial Letters and Sounds (Digital Download)

$32.95 CAD
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Alpha-Code Sound Wall, Set 1: Initial Letters and Sounds (Digital Download)

$32.95 CAD
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Eyewords Multisensory Alpha-Code Sound Wall, Set 1: Initial Letters and Sounds is a comprehensive resource designed to teach phonemes and link them to spelling patterns. This child-centered resource employs a multisensory approach, combining visual imagery linked to phonics sounds, anchoring words, corresponding actions, mouth articulation cues, and letter categories. The result is a fun and exciting learning experience that effortlessly improves letter-sound mastery.

 Why Use Eyewords Alpha-Code Sound Wall?

✅ Engagement Excellence: Immerse your students in a world of visuals, sounds, purposeful actions, and memorable anchoring words that'll make your students go, "Wait, learning can be this much fun?"

✅ Research-Backed: Our approach is not just exciting; it’s grounded in research. Eyewords Alpha-Code Sound Wall aligns with the science of reading, providing a solid foundation for literacy.

✅ Multisensory Design: engages all the senses and creates multiple neural pathways for students to learn, store, and retrieve information effectively.

✅ Easy Instruction: Clear, concise instructions on teaching phonemes and linking them to letter patterns. It's the professional touch that turns each lesson into a purposeful learning experience.

✅ Regular Review: This Sound Wall display ensures that sounds stick and allows students to reinforce their understanding through multiple senses.

✅ Visual Excellence: Transform your classroom into a visually rich environment. The sound wall is not just a tool; it’s a vibrant reference point, enhancing the visual appeal of your teaching space.

 Spelling Success: Bid farewell to spelling struggles! The sound wall is your students’ ally in decoding and spelling skills, bringing a touch of kinesthetic engagement for a hands-on learning experience.

 What’s Included?

  • Eyewords Sound Wall Description
  • Eyewords Sound Wall Organization and Map
  • Eyewords Alpha-Code Sound Card Teaching Instructions
  • Large and Small Alpha-Code Cards and display components for a seamless setup

 How to Implement?

  • Sounds are grouped in two categories: consonants (and digraphs) and vowels (in the shape of a valley).
  •  Introduce one sound card at a time, unlocking each new sound in a scope and sequence

Pro Tip:

Use with your curriculum’s scope and sequence or download Eyewords Free Alpha-Code Scope and Sequence to seamlessly introduce each sound based on the research of the science of reading.

Get ready to enhance your teaching practice with Eyewords Multisensory Alpha-Code Sound Wall. This resource is a game-changer, ensuring learner engagement and success.

 Pair with  Eyewords Alpha-Code, Set 1: Initial Letters and Sounds Printable Worksheets for greatest learning outcomes. These worksheets serve as a valuable reinforcement for the lessons covered on the Sound Wall. 

Multiple Licenses

Eyewords® digital resources are licensed for single purchaser use under our Terms of Service. If materials are purchased by a school / school district, they must be provided to a single educator. That individual may use the purchased Eyewords® resources with their own students. Sharing the resources between multiple educators is not permitted. School districts may purchase multiple licenses at a discounted rate. For rates or more information about licensing please email info@eyewords.com.

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